Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grownup Idealists

“Forget the Man Booker long list. Susan Neiman’s superb new book Moral Clarity should be at the top of beach reads this summer.“ —Tristram Hunt, The Guardian

“Deep and important.” —Simon Blackburn, The New York Times

“Susan Neiman’s profound wisdom, courage, and vision give us a public conception of goodness and a reinvigorated progressive vision…She is a beacon of light and hope in our morally debased times.” —Cornel West

“Susan Neiman is a masterly storyteller; her retellings of the Odyssey and the Book of Job that are themselves worth the price of admission. —Kwame Anthony Appiah

“Neiman is a subtle and energetic guide to the unjustly maligned Western canon who writes with verve and a sometimes epigrammatic wit…Moral Clarity is a plea for renewal, an argument for re-engaging with the moral vocabulary of the country.” —Wall Street Journal

“Morally and politically compelling – and a delight to read.” —Michael Walzer

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